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It has been a long journey to get to this point of my life and career. I wish to use this platform for readers to journey through my self-discovery quest of life and view my path of finding myself and finding my purpose in life. The projects I've distributed here are reflections of me and my process of becoming a creative writer. I hope for those who read this will acknowledge how each project have their own identity and show a piece of me through their protray online. I'd like to say "Thank You" to Professor Rigdon for helping and guiding me through this semester, your teachings have been most enjoyable and insightful. I hope to see you around during the spring semester and good luck next year with the new addition in your family. Have a wonderful hoilday.

About Me: D'Andrea Monique Brady

I’ve always had a vivid imagination. Growing up, I used to be into drawing and painting. The Arts, especially visual art, have been a big aspect of my life. My father and his mother were aspiring artists themselves. They have seen both passed, but their equal love of the medium has somehow transferred to me. I’m living in the tradition of art and culture. As life has moved on and as I got older, my passion for the arts has transitioned from visual to literacy. Though I’m not as skilled as most aspiring writers, I feel I’ve grown into a more confident wordsmith. My appreciation for the craft of writing has made me view my work differently. I’m taking my time when I write, I used all sorts of assists from what I’ve learned at George Mason University. I plan to finish my story, at least, by my next birthday. Hopefully, by then, I’ll find someone who will read it and see what I’ve put into making it the masterpiece I wish it to be.

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